Ways for Underdogs to Become Successful

The underdog status is a good beginning to network marketing. Everyone loves good rags to riches story. Your story could be the very one someone needs to inspire them. Once you are established, in your home-based business, become your own best testimony demonstrating how life can change from limited to limitless. There are ways for underdogs to become Successful and the reason why the underdog cannot become the leader of the pack.


People like to relate to people with similar circumstances. They want to know there are other underdogs. They want to hear about the struggles and the triumphs of people like themselves. Let them hear about your defining moment. The moment you decided you had to make a change in your life and the ‘why’ for that change.


What is the ‘why’ for your decision to become an entrepreneur?


Were you in a job where you were miserable. maybe, you were:


Stuck in a cubicle, like a rat in a maze and you are lactose intolerant so cheese is not an incentive.


Working in a mall never knowing what the weather was doing because you were existing in a manufactured environment. The only birds you hear are the ones holding up in the food court and dive bombing your French fries.


Putting a roof on a house in the hot unforgiving sun, freezing rain or wind strong enough to knock an elephant off its feet.


Working on an assembly line and doing the same thing over and over and over until you thought you would lose your mind. Knowing why monkeys jump up and down making that horrendous noise…frustration. In fact, you are doing everything in your power to keep from doing the monkey dance.


Dealing with a ruthless boss, whose only goal is making more money and not caring how many bodies pile up in the process. Relatives not excluded.


Tired of spending too much of your life sitting in traffic feeling like so many abandoned their sign language class way too soon.


Was it for personal reasons?


Never sitting down to dinner with your family; all gathering around the table watching your favorite shows on the television. Thought I was going to say, sitting around the table talking, didn’t you. That truly would be a Norman Rockwell moment, but although I am a dreamer I am a realist.


Missing your children’s recitals, sports or school events. Missing little Butch’s ballet recital and dainty Bridget’s touchdown. What can I say, it’s a whole new world folk.


Having to be on someone else’s schedule. Boss has to attend a party for his second wife’s sister’s pool boy’s birthday and you are stuck cleaning up his/her mess. Oh, and it is your wedding anniversary.


Feeling like you are suffocating, by doing unfulfilled and meaningless work. Really suffocating, tightly clutching a small brown paper bag, fighting to keep from having a panic attack. Aware your job is sucking the life out of you and knowing you will be back tomorrow for more of the same


Was it for financial reasons?


Drowning in debt. Thanking God for caller ID, but cursing the voice mail.


Upside down on your home mortgage and feeling trapped. You could not be more trapped than if the house had literally turned upside down on top of you, burying you so deep rescue dogs couldn’t find you.


Would love to take a vacation, but can not afford one. A trip to Sam’s Club is your biggest thrill.


Family members or friends need help. Nothing funny about this one; still makes a good testimony.


Ready to live life to its fullest, but living life to its fullest is way beyond your means. You fantasize about laying on the beach; the only oil is from the lotion on your body, sipping an exotic drink (with one of those cute little umbrellas bobbing up and down), the warm sun glistening off your tone muscular body. Right now, you’re lucky if you beat the family dog to the plastic kiddie pool where the water is so hot, you could throw in a couple of lobsters to boil for dinner.


Every victorious underdog has a story. There are a whole lot of people who feel like the underdog. They are looking for a way out of their situation. Sharing your testimony and letting them witness your journey could be the inspiration they need. Who knows? Maybe, one day when they become successful, you will be a part of their testimony. What a gift that would be.